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  1. 4 Timelines for Leading Change

    When I work with CEOs I use these deceptively simple 4 timelines to map what success looks like.
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  2. Scott Wintrip

    A short interview with Scott Wintrip, author of recently released HighVelocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, and his manifesto: The Competitive Advantage of a Talent Rich Organization - get your copy here:
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  3. Kiki L'Italien, Inteviewed by Seth Kahan on How Leaders can Build an Online Presence

    Kiki explains the beneifts leaders can secure from social media, influencer marketing, tips on finding your niche, what it takes to build your initial base and how to launch. You can reach Kiki directly at
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  4. Creating Drive in Others

    Sparking action in others is a talent every leader must master. Here are 3 tried and true techniques.

  5. Leading Change - Helios HR - Human Capital Impact Forum

    2nd installment of the 2017 Helios Human Capital Impact Forum. Kahan recounts how he got started in change leadership at the World Bank.
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  6. Upgrading Senior Leadership Teams - Helios HR - Human Capital Impact Forum

    The first installment of several in the months ahead - here Seth Kahan speaks about how to transform senior leadership teams, a primary asset of any organization. For more information about Seth, visit and for more info about the Helios Human Capital Impact Forum visit