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  1. Paul Bellantone, CEO, PPAI, and Dale Denham, Incoming Chair-Elect, talk strategy with Seth Kahan

    Paul Bellantone is the CEO and president of Promotional Products Association International. Dale Denham, CIO, Geiger, is the Incoming Chair Elect. In this 12 1/2 min video they discuss what has made their 2016 strategic planning a success.

  2. Working with a Traveling Team

    Here I lay out how to start and sustain momentum with a senior team that is on the road continuously.

  3. Seth Kahan interviews Jill Sweitzer Reddell, Co-director, UCLA Grand Challenges

    Jill Sweitzer Redell co-founded UCLA Grand Challenges with Michelle Popowitz. I interviewed her July 13, 2016, in Los Angeles. She shared how their Grand Challenge initiative was begun, the practical realities of both the Sustainable Los Angeles and the Depression Grand Challenges. Each is complex, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach.
    Sustainable Los Angeles video:

  4. Seth Kahan interviews Marcus Shingles, CEO, XPRIZE Foundation

    Inside XPRIZE's Collaboration Station Marcus Shingles talks about the rapidly approaching future, building the bridge to a world of abundance before humanity derails itself, the challenges of running a very unique organization and many of the trends CEOs can take advantage of today that are mature enough to leverage now.

  5. Executive Team Synergies

    Trust among the executive team is often an issue CEOS come to me to address. Here is some insight into how to develop the kind of rapport that creates synergies.

  6. Seth Kahan on Innovation Uptake

    Don Cole interviews Seth on innovation uptake, excerpted from a larger interview on Seth's book, Getting Innovation Right.