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  1. Seth Kahan on Innovation Uptake

    Don Cole interviews Seth on innovation uptake, excerpted from a larger interview on Seth's book, Getting Innovation Right.

  2. Seth Kahan on Self-Transformation

    Self-transformation is the most important activity for a visionary leader. How is it done? Here are several techniques.

  3. Promotional Products Association International - Strategy Session in DC

    Conversation with Paul Bellantone, CEO of the Promotional Products Association International, and Tom Goos, Chair of the Board of Directors, on strategic foresight, collaborative facilitation and turning disruption into opportunity.

  4. Seth Kahan interviews Steve Denning

    Steve Denning and I have remained close since he was my boss at the World Bank 1996-99. He continues to push the frontier of leadership, transforming the world of work. Here's 4 1/2 minutes of Steve on the Copernican revolution sweeping the world of business in a time of great disruption.

    Steve Denning,
    Seth Kahan,

  5. SuperFriends: Seth Kahan, Lisa McLeod & Robbie Baxter

    Lisa and Robbie share insights on transformational leadership including Robbie's models based on cocktail glasses.

    Lisa McLeod,
    Robbie Baxter,
    Seth Kahan,

  6. Who's In and Who's Out?

    Associations have the opportunity to open their ranks to new kinds of members, new business models. But, will they? This is one of the most important questions boards and CEOs face today.
    Seth Kahan