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  1. The Value of Strategic Relationships

    Strategic relationships are a powerful way to increase and expand your organization's impact in the market while generating new sources of revenue. One way to launch strategic partnerships is through a process I developed called a Design Summit. Here I share how the Design Summit works and showcase my work at the American Nurses Association, which generated partnerships with Harvard Medical School, Sharecare, CVS Caremark and Sharecare among others.

  2. Using Market Intelligence to inform Strategic Planning

    Seth Kahan shares how he researches market intelligence and draws on experts to aid Boards of Directors in strategic planning, using his work with the National Apartment Association as an example.

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  3. Sapna Budev on the Visionary Leadership Academy

    Sapna Budev, Executive Director at The Signage Foundation, Inc., speaks about her experience at the Visionary Leadership Academy. To learn more please visit:

  4. Seth Kahan on Executive Team Performance

    The senior leadership team is an extraordinary group, unique in their position to contribute to the organization's goals. However, they often remain in a hub-and-spoke relationship with the CEO falling far short of their ability to perform together. In this 4 minute video I share how to help each leader work better together with the others
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  5. David Gammel, Executive Director, ESA, talks strategy with Seth Kahan

    David Gammel of the Entomological Society of America shares his strategy for growth including securing the prestigious International Conference in his field, increasing publication revenue through extensive distribution, and how discovering the unique contributions entomologists can make to improve our world.

  6. Mary Power, CEO, CBBB, talks strategy with Seth Kahan

    Mary Power is the president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In this 11 min video she and Seth discuss the CBBB strategic planning currently in process including working with a complex enterprise that unites several organizations and has a federation of local organizations across the USA, starting the social movement that invigorates the spread of execution, and CBBB's three strategic objectives.