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  1. Seth Kahan on Preparing for the Future

    Preparing Ourselves and Our Organizations for the future. This is a summary of my keynote for CEOs of Professional Societies, Feb 2017

  2. Your Super Powers!

    What are the special talents you have to create results in the world, and where do they come from? Check out this 2 minute video to learn more.

  3. Do You Need Everyone to be Involved?

    Large scale transformation relies on participation and engagement, but not as widespread as some believe.

  4. Chris McEntee interviewed by Seth Kahan on Innovation and Leadership

    Seth Kahan interviews Chris McEntee, Professional Society CEO of the Year for 2016, to discuss innovation and leadership.

  5. Your most important asset - Your State!

    Learn why your mental state, the quality of consciousness you bring to bear on your work, is your most important asset and how to care for it.


  6. Interviews with Members and Customers Successfully

    Which is more important when you interview a VIP, trust or information? Find out in this video and what to do about it.