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  1. Plus Delta

    This is an extremely simple and elegant framework for identifying what needs to be done to get better results

  2. The Power of Transitions

    Anyone who juggles a large number of important activities often experiences transitions. Effectively managing this makes a great difference in the quality of your performance. Here are three tips on how to do that well.

  3. 2 Grand Tools for Peak Performance

    Reporting from the Grand Canyon, here are two tools I use in the Visionary Leadership Academy (VLA): (1) the 3 Circles of Self-balance, and (2) the the 3 Circles of Visionary Leadership.
    Info about the VLA,

  4. Bill Lee interviewed by Seth Kahan

    This is a short interview with Bill Lee, who runs the Center for Customer Engagement, and puts on the annual Summit on Customer Engagement. We discuss "marquee customers."
    Bill Lee:
    Seth Kahan:

  5. 3 Elements of Visionary Leadership

    The 3 elements of visionary leadership: self-transformation, strategic foresight, and leading change.

  6. The Importance of Peak Physique to Leaders

    Your body is your primary tool for receiving information from your environment and for communicating. Take the time to build and develop peak physique for maximum leadership effectiveness.