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  1. The Underexplored Core of Association Strategy

    Here I lay out my 7-step approach to the core of association strategy and talk about how to use the basic building blocks to customize your strategy process.

  2. How to Build Tomorrow's Business Model Today

    The "how" of building new business models includes these activities and more: regular meetings with your senior team to discuss what everyone sees in the marketplace from a strategic perspective, identifying opportunities and challenges your customers (members and partners) are bringing to you, innovations in the market, doing feasibilities studies, building a Minimal Viable Product to test for traction and measuring your results. If you would like me to come to your organization and lead a brown-bag with your senior staff, drop me a line at

  3. Why You Must Build Tomorrow's Business Models Today

    You can pretty much guarantee the business models you are using today will be defunct tomorrow. The extinction of your current business models will follow an S-curve, starting out with small declines before there is precipitous drop. You want something else in place before that drop takes effect. If you would like me to come to your office and do a brown-bag presentation with your senior leadership team, drop me a line:

  4. The 3 Horizons of Strategy

    First introduced in The Alchemy of Growth by Baghai, Coley and White, the 3 Horizons have persisted as a valuable strategy framework.

  5. The 5 Steps of Strategic Foresight

    Here I cover my 5 Steps to Strategic Foresight: Building your brain trust, gathering emerging trends, identifying key attributes of those trends, analysis with the brain trust, and creating a game plan.

  6. Business processes for Strategic Foresight and Operational Excellence