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  1. How Agile can help organizations create more value in today's changing world

    If you look around, there is an illusion that everything is stable. You might not know it, but there is currently a revolution that is rocking the world of business. Agile is a leadership and management protocol that grew itself in back rooms of software development. It's not about speeding up and squeezing more. It's a new way of management and leading. It's about new ways of work that create new kinds of value. I encourage you to look at this new world. The transformation of this new mindset is one that is significant. Stay tuned for highlights of my work with associations in Washington, DC who are adopting Agile practices and see how it is helping organizations create more value in today's changing world and transforming the business processes they use.

  2. Thanksgiving Appreciation for Leaders

    As leaders we are constantly driving for results, addressing obstacles, challenges, bottlenecks, and log jams. And our minds are skewed by biology to hold on to the troubles, the negative experiences, and the problems. This is just the way nature designed us. So today is a great day to appreciate our inner drive and give thanks for the vocation we have chosen to make the world a better place!

  3. Self Transformation and Professional Development

    It's important to choose personal and professional development opportunities so you can acquire new skills and improve your performance. It's one of the reasons the Visionary Leadership Academy is so rewarding for everyone involved, including me!

  4. Innovation Tools: Jumping the S-curve

    The S-curve is well known in innovation circles. "Jumping the curve" is what you do to keep your place and grow in your market.

  5. Innovation Tools: The 3 Horizon Table

    The 3 Horizon Table makes use of the three horizons discussed in The Alchemy of Growth by Baghai, Cole and White. It applies them to your business model, industry or profession, and customers.


  6. UCLA’s University-led Grand Challenge workshop

    Attending UCLA’s University-led Grand Challenge workshop Oct 5, 2017. See attached paper, What is a Grand Challenge?