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  1. The 3 Horizons of Strategy

    First introduced in The Alchemy of Growth by Baghai, Coley and White, the 3 Horizons have persisted as a valuable strategy framework.

  2. The 5 Steps of Strategic Foresight

    Here I cover my 5 Steps to Strategic Foresight: Building your brain trust, gathering emerging trends, identifying key attributes of those trends, analysis with the brain trust, and creating a game plan.

  3. Business processes for Strategic Foresight and Operational Excellence

  4. Strategic Foresight & Operational Excellence

  5. The Magic 3 for Peak Performance

    3 areas that determine if you are operating at peak performance: (1) self care, (2) relationships, (3) vocation. Achieving excellence in these areas results in raising your performance to its highest levels.

  6. Radical Self Care

    Consider how your self care might transform your ability to lead.