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  1. Visiting Silicon Valley with Robbie Kellman Baxter

    Thanks to Robbie, I have spent the last 3 days meeting folks at Apple, Google, Pinterest, Yahoo!, Badgeville as well as start-ups that include Kurbo and Mango Health. I was met with support and enthusiasm at every step. My goal is to bridge Silicon Valley with the association leadership community in Washington DC and this was a great first step.

    Robbie on the web:
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  2. Seth Kahan interviews Jeff Cobb, Lifelong Learning expert

    Jeff Cobb has distinguished himself as the premier thought-leader on lifelong learning with a specialty helping organizations create and market learning programs that deliver unparalleled value to their customers while at the same time generating valuable revenue. I am a faculty member at his upcoming conference: The Leading Learning Symposium - October 27-28, 2015 - Baltimore, Maryland


  3. Seth Kahan on the 5 Kinds of Growth: #5 Lowering Costs

    Lowering costs will provide you with greater profits on existing revenues. Three ways to do this are (1) replicate processes, (2) increase scale, and (3) increase trust.


  4. Seth Kahan on the 5 Kinds of Growth: #4 Increasing Market Penetration

    Increasing market penetration is the most popular form of growth. It is about expanding your customer pool, reaching out and finding new customers. This video takes a look a the steps that lead to success.

  5. Seth Kahan on the 5 Kinds of Growth: #3 Improving Loyalty

    How can this be a growth strategy? Because improving loyalty ensures future profitability. This video highlights the two keys to improving loyalty.


  6. Seth Kahan on the 5 Kinds of Growth: #2 Growing Your Base

    Growing Your Base is a core competency for every leader. This 2 minute video lays out the five factors that contribute to the growth of your customer base.